Principal's message

Welcome to Beta Cambridge School,

At BCS, we pride ourselves on being more than just a school.  We are a community of children, young people, educators, and families whom all play special and unique roles in making BCS the amazing place that it is. We understand that choosing a school can be one of the most difficult decisions facing any parent and we are excited to support and guide you through every step of that journey.

Beta Cambridge, a member of the highly regarded Taleb group, opened its doors in 2019.  We offer the IB Curriculum from Kindergarten through to Grade 10.  We will offer our students two pathways in senior school, both the IB Diploma Programme and AP American Curriculum.  The IB is widely regarded as the most prestigious program of study available and provides students with the educational pedigree they need to enter top universities across the world.

As a new member of our community, you will immediately notice that we are a truly international school, rich with cultural diversity. Our students come from over 20 different countries and we are immensely proud of how they show respect for their individual heritage. Through the values of the IB, they also work together as true global citizens.  On a daily basis, they demonstrate to us that they are respectful, open-minded, and tolerant, and place great value on their education.

Demonstrating a mark of quality assurance, BCS is an authorised World school – IB Primary Years Programme and a candidate school for MYP and DP and Colleges (WASC) based in the USA. Along with the IB authorization, the WASC accreditation will offer you, as parents, a guarantee of quality knowing that your school meets or exceeds international standards.

As committed IB practitioners, our staff at Beta Cambridge School are experienced international educators and the driving force behind the school’s academic and pastoral success.  Our classrooms are vibrant student-centered environments where inquiry-based approaches are balanced with direct teaching. Our teachers actively strive to encourage children’s natural curiosity and love of learning both inside and outside the classroom.  They take great care to support each child’s social and emotional growth and encourage them to apply their learning in such a way that has a positive impact on the world.

BCS appreciates that not only do we want every student to reach their potential academically, but we also strive to provide the chance for children to flourish in all areas.  We provide a rich offering of Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs), the arts, and both social and competitive sports teams. With support from our passionate and talented staff, many students embrace the opportunity to explore their passions, learn something new, and have a lot of fun!

Once again, thank you for your interest in our school and we look forward to you and your family becoming part of our international community of learners

Oguz Korkmaz

BCS Principal