Teaching and Learning in the IB

Inclusion- The learner or the student lies at the center of the IB programmes. This implies that delivering learning outcomes for all students is the foundation on which teaching and learning takes place in the IB.
This involves analysis of every student’s
• readiness
• interest and
• learning style

 Customization of
• content
• learning process and
• learning outcome

Inquiry and research: Inquiry is a key element of the IB programmes.  Students are encouraged to refer a wide range of information across and different mediums and ask questions. The key is to let them master the skill of asking the right questions for maximizing learning.

Conceptual understanding: Students combine declarative (content) and procedural (skill) knowledge to establish conceptual understanding.

This helps them to develop their thinking skills and master their ability of applying, analyzing and evaluating information to create a whole new level of knowledge and capability.

Global context: An IB student always learns in the context of the real world. They are able to relate their learning with the day to day functioning and events. They exhibit high level of multicultural understanding and possess a set of skills known as global competencies which equip them for doing well in college and subsequent professional life.

Collaborative learning: The ability to understand diverse cultures and work harmoniously and efficiently in a group is the top rated attribute by the global players and elite universities. IB programmes value and include collaboration among students as an exercise to develop global competencies in the students. IB students shine among others when it come to demonstrating international mindedness and global competencies.

Assessment as a tool for learning: In addition to a quantitative and qualitative representation of students’ learning, assessments are valued as a learning tool in the IB programmes.

Assessment practices emphasize feedback for improvement and self management by students to incorporate feedback and improve performance over multiple cycles.