Right Facilities


The school is designed to provide a complete range of educational and other facilities for all of its intended educational activities. These include

  • Light, airy and bright classrooms.
  • Practical facilities such as.
  • Science laboratories, preparation areas and specialist storage facilities.
  • Art and design rooms.
  • Computer laboratories.
  • Language and Science labs.
  • Modern Library Facilities.
  • Transport Facilities for all locations.
  • A complete internet infrastructure in every room and area of the school.
  • Sporting facilities including; indoor swimming pool, gym, etc.
  • A lecture theater/performance room.
  • Offices and work rooms for teaching and admin staff.
  • Wide spacious corridors to ease student movement.
  • A lift for students with physical needs.
  • School Canteen.
  • lay areas for break times.
  • A school camera- monitoring infrastructure to provide safety for students.
  • Dedicated Pastoral and Academic/Behaviour Counsellors.

The school will provide all of the learning resources to ensure that all academic subjects are fully resourced, as well as administrative offices to support the school activities and parents’ interactions.The school will be fully equipped in every area of its activities. These will include.

  • Text and copy books.
  • Science equipment and chemicals.
  • Other learning and teaching aids to support all subjects including PE, Sport, English, Math, Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatar History.
  • Lap-top and desk-top computers.
  • An integrated ICT infrastructure for learning, teaching and administration.
  • A complete School Software System to aid administration, registration, admission, assessment, recording and reporting, school finances and all other aspects of the school.
  • E-based resources for students and teachers and access to the internet for learning and teaching materials.
  • Interactive White Boards and projectors to assist in learning and teaching.
  • Educational toys and play equipment in KG.
  • School Store to manage and provide all teaching and learning resources as well as uniform and stationary sales.
  • Photocopying and printing facilities.