Academics for the Lifelong Learner

Academics for the Lifelong Learner

At Beta Cambridge School, we firmly believe that learning should be a lifelong pursuit. We strive to foster this mentality through our inquiry-based academic approach, which places a strong emphasis on disciplinary rigour and critical interdisciplinary competencies. We achieve this by providing personalized education across all subjects, with a particular focus on developing numeracy and literacy skills.

To achieve this, we use a carefully crafted set of skills known as ‘Approaches to Learning’ (ATL). These strategies, skills, and attitudes are intentionally integrated into our teaching and learning environment to enhance the learning experience. We recognize that how students learn is just as important as what they learn. Therefore, ATL is a crucial aspect of our academic approach, as it supports students in developing the necessary skills to become lifelong learners.

Our ATL approach is closely aligned with the IB learner profile attributes, which aim to develop well-rounded individuals who are prepared for life beyond high school. We believe that by providing students with the tools and attitudes they need to become effective learners, they can take ownership of their education and continue to grow and develop as lifelong learners.

What are the approaches to learning (ATL)?

  • ATL are deliberate strategies, skills and attitudes that permeate the teaching and learning environment.
  • ATL supports the belief that a large influence on a student’s education is not only what they learn but also how they learn.
  • ATL are intrinsically linked with the IB learner profile attributes to enhance student learning and assist student preparation for life after high school.