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IB Model School

Beta Cambridge School (BCS), the fourth member of the Taleb Group of Schools, endeavor to provide every student with the most up-to-date skills, tools and knowledge so that they may progress seamlessly and successfully onto the next stages in their journey of  education, on to Higher Education and to fulfilling career through the school pursuing the process of an IB curriculum.

The personal and social development of your children, as well as academic excellence, will be the core of all that the school does; helping each child to grow into responsible citizens of the future who will contribute to the wider world of life and work. This holistic approach will be to the ultimate benefit to all our students.

Beta Cambridge School, will be “The School” we all are proud of. It will be “The School” we have all helped to build from its new beginning for our children and future generations to come.

Together, we will build on the success of The Taleb Group of Schools to make Beta Cambridge School into “tomorrow’s school, today”. Beta Cambridge School will give your children an outstanding education from their early years until the time they move to new pastures.

Why Should You Choose Us

Gifted & Talented Issues

Some students are very bright and highly motivated to succeed at school. They need to be sufficiently stimulated with a challenging curriculum.

Average Student Issues

What’s wrong with being “average”? Strictly speaking, nothing. The danger is that the “average” students may settle for lower expectations and poorer performance, doing enough to “get by” without ever reaching their potential.

Learning Issues

Some students have problems learning at the traditional school pace, missing critical fundamentals. Students who are performing below average or have a learning difficulty want to succeed. If allowed to fail, they will become defeated, stop trying and never catch up unless the pattern of failure is reversed.

Motivational Issues

Some students are capable academically, but lack motivation. They fail to turn in homework assignments or to engage in the classroom learning process. Their grades suffer, and their motivation continues to spiral downward.

Study Skills

Some students have not developed the necessary study skills to function effectively in the classroom. They lack organizational and time management skills. They have not developed the study skills that enable them to competently and confidently handle their assignments.

Tuition Fees

Address: P.O. Box 300, Al Wakra, Qatar
Landlines: +974 44637494; Fax: +974 44660043


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August 26, 2018

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